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The Top 5 Reasons For People To Switch To Simple Mobile Pay

By Arpita Chanda
The Top 5 Reasons For People To Switch To Simple Mobile Pay

What is Simple Mobile Pay ?

Simple Mobile Pay refers to a mobile payment system where customers pay for products or services through any portable mobile device like a mobile phone or tablet. They are also known as mobile money, simply m payments or mobile money transfer. Using mobile payment technology people can send money to anyone at any time. The simple mobile pay offers additional privacy along and security benefits. This on-the-go payment facility is user-friendly and empowers brick mortar stores or small businesses to utilize the features of mobile payments. Businesses are also favoring mobile pay as it is faster than traditional modes of payment and enables them to process transactions anywhere.

How does simple Mobile Pay work?

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Simple mobile pay or mobile simple payment system is fast, secure, and convenient. Fortune Business Insights reports have revealed that the mobile payment market was at $1.18 trillion in 2019 and is estimated to grow to $8.94 trillion by 2027.

The increased use of smartphones assisted by high-speed internet or mobile data, the rapid growth of e-commerce, and easy pay-go features have fueled the adoption and growth of mobile payments. Mobile service providers like Tracfone wireless with their GB LTE technology offering mobile unlimited talk text simple mobile plan for users have also accelerated cell phone usage.

Mobile payment is of three types-
  • in-store mobile payments
  • remote mobile payments
  • point-of-sale mobile payments

The in-store mobile payments refer to the contactless payments that any customer makes while physically present at the store. For in-store mobile payments, customers can use mobile wallets and QR code payments. The mobile wallet is also known as the digital wallet. It is a simple mobile service application that stores payment information, for example, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and many more.

Using the mobile wallet linked to a phone number, users can transfer money to make payments. They can also schedule periodic addition of money to their digital wallet according to their monthly plan. For in-store QR code payments, users have to scan the QR code and, the amount would be debited from the digital wallet.

Remote payments methods include internet payments, mobile banking, SMS payments, direct operator billing, and payment via links. Internet payment and link payment are closely related as the user can use the provided link to make payments from a web browser or via apps. Here the user has to enter the card details manually or use saved card details to make the payment.

Pos mobile payment solutions include near-field communication or NFC payments, magnetic secure transmission (MST) payments, sound-waves-based payment. All these advanced payment technologies are contactless payments made at the business location. A user can use a simple mobile phone to make all the contactless payments.

What are the benefits of simple Mobile Pay?

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Present-day mobile service offers truly unlimited talk text and unlimited plans for mobile data. With simple mobile unlimited services and data plans, mobile hotspots are easier to set up. Brick and mortar stores and small businesses can offer mobile payment options to upgrade their Mobile Workforce and improve customer service.

Here are some of the benefits of simple mobile pay-

  • Convenient- The payment information stored in digital wallets makes it easier for users to pay without entering the card details every time. Users can fill their digital wallets with the desired sum every month to make one-click payments. They can also save debit or credit card information in the mobile payment app and use it to add money or pay directly.

  • Mobility- The best part of simple mobile pay is the mobility feature. With the availability of the on-the-go feature, users can make any payment irrespective of their location. As long as they have a smartphone and internet connectivity, they can use the payment app without hassle.

  • Faster checkout- Mobile payments are quicker than other payment methods like card payment via Card Reader. Therefore, when used while checking out of a store or in a restaurant, it can help avoid long queues. For businesses accepting mobile payments can reduce the checkout wait times and create a positive customer experience.

  • Better privacy and security- Simple mobile pay is secure than conventional payment methods. Advanced encryption, tokenization, and various levels of authentications and passwords make it difficult for anyone to steal or hack. Many pos mobile payments have implemented biometric identification or PIN input for better security.

1. Simple Mobile Pay is a mobile payment system

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Contactless payment like simple mobile pay has revolutionized the payment process. With simple mobile unlimited payment, users can send money anywhere directly from their bank accounts. This form of remote payment has given a boost to businesses that hope to expand globally. Businesses can also use mobile payment methods to simplify their purchases for Inventory Management.

Using remote payment options, users can purchase online from websites or apps or from the store itself. Mobile payment systems are portable and, this increased convenience appeals to users. The flexibility in simple mobile pay offers multiple payment options to users. Also, the increased speed of transactions through contactless mobile payment reduces checkout wait time.

2. Simple Mobile Pay allows your card and phone to be linked

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With simple mobile pay, users can link their debit or credit card to their digital wallets or payment apps. Once entered, the mobile apps and wallets can store card information. The user can access the card details quickly while making payments. In keeping with the privacy policy, these apps or payment portals encrypt the data to prevent and leakage.

Many mobile pay apps require one-time passwords received on the registered phone number for enabling the payment. This last step of authentication is necessary to prevent any unintended or fraudulent payments. By saving details like card details, gift cards, or any such information, mobile payment apps eliminate the need to carry several cards and make it easier for the user to pay on the go.

3. Simple Mobile Pay is fast

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Payment via simple mobile service is known for its speed and efficiency. Mobile wallets store card details or payment information which makes it easier and faster for users to check out. Some mobile wallets can store loyalty points or gift cards, making it easier for users to access them when required.

With NFC payment technology, users can pay instantly by waving the NFC-enabled phone over the pos terminal. The whole process takes a few seconds and, payment is complete without much hassle.

4. It uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to transfer funds

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Near Field Communications (NFC) technology refers to the payment process where two NFC enabled devices placed within a distance of ten centimeters wirelessly transfer data between each other. The NFC protocols make use of the close-proximity radio frequency identification technology. Encrypted payment data is instantly exchanged via an electromagnetic induction link when NFC-enabled card machines and mobile phones are brought together.

Users can identify the businesses accepting near-field communication payments from the contactless symbol displayed on the checkout terminal. To use this payment mode, users have to open the NFC payment app on their smartphone and select cards or digital wallets for payment. After selection, the user has to wave or tap their device over the NFC-enabled terminal for completing the transaction.

5. Simple Mobile Pay provides more security than other payment method

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The inclusion of multiple layers of security makes simple mobile pay more secure than other payment methods. A highly advanced end-to-end encryption and tokenization process ensure that only the sending and receiving parties can access the sensitive information.

Tokenization masks the actual credit card number and prevents the cardholder's data from getting exposed. In addition to this, mobile payment applications like Google pay, apple pay, and more have their own set of security protocols that can keep the user information safe while making any payment. The extra authentication steps secure the entire payment process while ensuring a safer and better user experience.

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