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Presenting our one-stop enterprise-grade restaurant management system with latest gen pos software and hardware to run all your stores from a single platform.

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 Plum Enterprise

  • Effective restaurant management system
  • Versatile, easy and reliable point sale system
  • Cloud-based reporting technology to study the growth of your business

Think about the last time you went to a restaurant. They didn't just bring your food out to you, they ran it through a gauntlet of different departments. The cooks prepare the food, the wait-staff delivers it, the bussers clear the tables, and the dishwashers clean up afterwards. These departments have a management system in place to ensure they do their job as efficiently as possible.

A restaurant management system is a software program that helps restaurants with their day-to-day tasks. They are not so much stand-alone programs as they are interconnected programs with several features supporting the regular operations. Revenue control, seating arrangements, inventory management, food order processing, customer feedback, menu management, employee management, and other tasks are all possible with a restaurant management system.

Your customers won't settle for anything less worthy and neither should you. With PLUM, a customizable user-friendly interface meets cutting-edge reporting to create a dependable software that helps you build efficient operations.

Easy, reliable, and fun to use

A management system is a system that is used to manage different things in a restaurant. Some businesses may have a management system to manage their employees, while others may have a system to manage their customers, and still others may have a management system to manage their inventory. A management system can be anything that a company uses to manage a certain aspect of the company. For restaurants, the owners require all the three and more systems for management of operations through a POS.

We believe point of sale should be reliable to an extent that it becomes your virtual business partner and helps you with your operations. It also needs to be innovative to keep your business competitive and accessible to all. We have various plans to fit your unique needs – whether you own one location or thousands.

Plum is a simple cloud-based software which can be easy to adapt to. Using this point of sale system for your daily restaurant operations will make not only the complicated tasks simple, but also quicker; giving you much more time for attending to your customers and making them feel valued.

Plum is also fun to use because the restaurant management software comes with multiple features that solves problems you didn’t even know you had as a restaurant business owner. Saving time and energy on less important tasks leaves more time for the ones that help your business grow.

As a management system, Plum POS follow the basic set of guidelines that managers use to run their business. Plum can encompass anything from processes to systems to guidelines. It’s simply a way for managers to structure their business and use best practices to be more efficient and successful.

Versatility and Speed

Restaurants require a lot of time, effort and money to start and maintain. Your restaurant will need to be fully staffed and equipped with the tools necessary for a successful day-to-day operation. With so many things to worry about, it can be difficult to keep on top of the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. That’s where a management system can help. A management system like Plum POS can help you save time and money by automating the most tedious and repetitive tasks, like scheduling staff and taking inventory.

The point sale system used for your restaurant business should be supportive of your operational plans, whether it is related to employee management, timings, sales or kitchen operations. An ideal POS system builds an efficient management system for the business to run smoothly as per the owner’s desired operational conditions.

Plum POS easily integrates with your existing payroll or payment processing merchant for a seamless and speedy integration into your operations. We have experienced implementation specialists and developers ready to provide support every step of the way.

Cloud-Based Reporting Technology

Tracking and studying the restaurant sales is crucial for your business' growth. Plum offers a user-friendly reporting solution equipped with the cutting-edge technology you need to stay ahead of the competition. Quick and painless reporting, so simple to pull that staff will actually enjoy analyzing reports. Pull and access your reports of any restaurant you run from anywhere in the world.

Business Partner
That Handles All.

Sit back and relax while we’ll handle project management,
training details and system roll out.

 Business Partner That Handles All

Sit back and relax while we handle project management, training details and system rollout.

  • Features like training and staff management
  • Error-free inventory control system and tracking
  • Payment processing made simple and reliable
  • Forge ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge data

Plum POS’ restaurant management system will enable you to forge ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge data. Plum is that digitally available business partner for you on which you can depend for tasks of responsibility.

Modern businesses are started with determination and a dream - but they find longevity and success by making decisions rooted in data. Our sophisticated yet simple report gathering system allows you to pull reports from anywhere in the world, any time. It's so easy to pull a report, you may even find yourself looking forward to it!

Data driven solutions
Data plays an essential role if you want your business to be a success. As an owner of a business where direct interaction with the customers takes place, you should understand that your reputation and growth depends a lot on customer satisfaction and feedback. So, make sure that the customers are always happy when they leave your place. One way of ensuring customer satisfaction is to always keep engaging with your customers and make them feel connected and valued. For this you need the contact details of the customer and some basic information like what they do, where they work and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

When any new customer visits your restaurant, make sure to gather this basic data because it will be the starting point of any communication between you and them. This data will tell you how much the customer visits your restaurant, what they order and how you can design a campaign to make them keep coming back.

Another kind of data relevant to the study of your business is the sales data. The kind of sale your restaurant is making on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is an important foundation of understanding the growth of your restaurant.

Plum sales tracker helps you retrieve detailed sales reports of all your restaurant outlets at just one click from the convenience of your location. You can compare and analyze the sales, staff performance, and menu modifications and so on. These reports are also helpful when you need to take growth related decisions like expanding the chain or moving to a new location.

Inventory Management
Tracking and recording the inventory is a task that is boring, time consuming, yet mandatory for restaurants. You need to track the raw material purchased, the material sold, material wasted and the material remaining in order to run the restaurant operations smoothly. For this usually the staff spends a long time maintaining records in huge sheets and then updating them by the end of the day by checking the sales converted.

Thanks to Plum, this will no longer be the story! Having a smart inventory management software like Plum is a boon to the restaurant owners and the staff. Plum is your go-to buddy when it comes to simple and reliable inventory control system. All you need to do is input your raw purchases. Plum will help you organize your inventory the way you need- as per the expiration date, product names or usage. As and how the items from the inventory keep getting used the system will automatically keep reducing it from the lot. This system of tracking inventory is easy, quick and leaves no scope for human error.

The inventory management system also notifies the users before the items need re-stocking. You can choose to be notified after a certain number of products are left in the inventory. For example- If you want to be notified when only 2 items are left, just condition it in such a manner. Further, if you need re-ordering of any item online or through a specific digital mode, you can also use the auto-order option where Plum places orders of the products for you through a chosen online medium.

Restaurant Sales
Tracking your sales in detail can prove helpful in taking growth related decisions. Plum sales tracker has been designed keeping in mind everything from a small scale business to the full scale operational multi-chain restaurant. You could begin small but grow with time and Plum helps you grow along.

Your sales are recorded and tracked on a daily basis so that when you need to study them you can apply filters like- date, month, product, employee code etc and analyze how your business is progressing. Most of the times when you have to design marketing campaigns to attract customers to your restaurant, these details prove to be crucial and come in very handy.

Payment Processing
Payment processing is the basic function a point of sale system should perform with ease. The restaurant business runs on direct interaction with customers and they may want to make payments for their purchases in any convenient mode. Therefore it is the duty of the restaurant owners to provide the customers with diverse payment options.

Plum offers simple integration with multiple payment modes from cards and digital modes to mobile wallets to make it easy and convenient for your customers. The software has been designed in such a manner that it can easily be modified to accommodate more such payment options.

Highly Customizable Hardware.

Manage your entire enterprise with a single restaurant management system. Explore our wide range of products or talk to our product specialist to learn more.

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 Highly Customizable Hardware.

Manage your entire enterprise with a single restaurant management system. Explore our wide range of products or talk to our product specialists to learn more.

  • Easily customizable skins and features
  • Modify your brand as per the need of the hour

You cannot run your software without a hardware system. For a restaurant setup, there is usually the basic requirement of a monitor, keyboard, card readers, mobile devices etc depending on the kind of service you provide. Plum POS provides the restaurant business owners with a highly customizable hardware system that can be helpful for their present as well as futuristic business needs.

Customize your brand
Every brand needs the liberty of being creative with what they offer to the customers. For this their system also has to be supportive and innovative technology-wise. While Plum offers up-to-date and user-friendly software and integrations, the hardware system is no less.

The hardware devices designed by Plum are extremely efficient, classy looking and easy to handle. The restaurant owners can make any kind of modifications necessary for their brand. Customize your brand and make the changes you need using our hardware devices.

Change skins and add features

Why to make your devices boring when you can play with so many options to make working with them fun. Plum offers the option of changing the skin of the devices and customizing the hardware features.

You also have the liberty of using the same software and access the same kind of data from multiple devices depending on the need of the hour. For example, when taking orders from a kiosk, you can use the installed touchscreen monitors and when on a table, you can take orders using the hand-held mobile pos device.

Secure and Trustworthy
The point of sale you work with has to be reliable and secure mainly due to the fact that it contains all the customer data and payment related information. POS security basically means that any unauthorized or non-verified source cannot access the data related to the customers or their payment information. These frauds have become common because of weak security of a sale system.

With Plum, you can leave all the worries related to security upon us. We won’t let anything happen to the valuable information stored in your point sale system. Our extremely up-to-date fraud control system controls and prevents any kind of security breach that might be attempted on the data stored in the restaurant management system.

Leave the Training to Us.

Our expert in-house trainers can train 600 in-person classes per year. Our training records for this year are over 20k+ people.

 Leave the Training to Us

  • Expert trainers to train staff and restaurant teams
  • Easy to learn management system
  • Consistent customer support always available

Our expert in-house trainers can train 600 in-person classes per year. Our training records for this year has crossed 20k users.

Choosing a point of sale system or switching to a new one is not the only decision the restaurant business owners need to make. Your staff should also be able to use the software as well as the hardware in an efficient and effortless manner. This is where the role of training comes in. It might seem like a futile process but is extremely necessary and ends up saving a lot of time and efforts. If your employees are well-versed with the kind of hardware and software used to take orders in your restaurant, then the waiting time for customers automatically reduces remarkably. Further this leads to a happy customer, giving your restaurant a reputation for good hospitality and value for time.

The simple initiatives like organizing thorough training sessions for your staff members can give an immensely rewarding output to the business as a whole.

Training and Teaching -
Any new software or a system, if installed or introduced at workplace like a restaurant, needs to be thoroughly explained to the staff who will use it on a regular basis. Plum’s restaurant business POS is simple and easy to use and to teach as well. But you don’t need to worry about it at all. We don’t just bother about conversions and sales, we take full responsibility right from installation to training and operations. In fact, even after that. As long as you are a PLUM user, we are always there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Plum conducts simple, knowledgeable and convenient to join training sessions for the usage of our software. Your staff may either be aware of how a POS system works or could be new to it. In both cases, basic training of the software is recommended by Plum because all software are different in terms of structure and operations.

We are proud to announce that our experts have trained more than 600 persons in single in-person sessions last year. Our training records crossed 20k users this year and we intend to do more in the time to come.

Our team has been excellent in taking training sessions and for most of the occasions, a single training session is all the restaurant business staff needs.

24/7 Local Support Available -
Guaranteed professional and local support for busy restaurant owners. Whether you are home, on vacation, or in the office, you're only an email away from a friendly, knowledgeable product specialist.

Not all business POS and restaurant management software systems offer a guaranteed technical support online. But it can be extremely essential at occasions when your network may be down or the backend process gets hanged or in minimal cases, even the software not working properly.

At Plum we understand that the business can be largely impacted due to minor inconveniences occurring due to software issues or technical flaws. We have a 24/7 helpline support over phone or email where the business owners can reach out for any kind of support. Suppose your inventory management software is not listing the items remaining in stock, it could be due to network error or any minor issue from the back-end. Call or write to the experts at Plum for instant resolution to the problems. With immediate help available you won’t have to put any task on hold or wait for long hours before resuming important work.

Offline Ordering -
While our support line is always prompt in responding to the queries, especially the urgent ones, we still offer an alternate to your online operations just so you carry on with your day to day tasks smoothly. This comes handy in case of taking orders when the online server gives a difficult time.

Offline ordering system is widely appreciated by our clients because it has definitely made life easy for restaurant staff and owners alike. This feature allows the staff to take orders from the customers even when the software is not connected to the server or an internet connection. The orders are saved in the device from which they are placed and later combined with the data of daily operations. Highly efficient in usage, this feature is highly recommended when the system breaks down and the customers are waiting to place their meal requests.

Once your software is up and running these offline orders can directly be transferred to the daily orders data and inventory tracking and sales progress takes place as usual.

Scale and Expand.

Preferred by industry leaders, Plum enterprise restaurant management system is known for its scalability.

 Scale and Expand

  • Software that expands with you
  • Scale your business
  • Time-efficient solutions for industry leaders

Preferred by industry leaders, Plum enterprise restaurant management system is known for its scalability.

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Plum POS is backed by Altametrics, a company with over two decades of experience creating support and back office software for enterprise clients. Our expert technology is the most cutting-edge and time-efficient solution for industry leaders who simply do not have the time to worry about the safety of their business' data.

Scalable POS
A restaurant management software can be called as scalable if it caters to not just your present business needs but also keeps in mind what you might require in future. The system should have the capacity to address your technical and support based requirements that may arise in the future as well.

Many budding businesses underestimate the requirement of a scalable POS right in the beginning. This could be because of new investments or because of lack of vision for growth. But it is always recommended to go for a point sale system that has the tendency to grow with your business because every time you take small steps towards growth you would need to buy external integrations or systems and software which may not already be compatible with your existing POS system. This drawback can be challenging and may halt the growth of your business. Therefore it is best to begin with s point sale software which is compatible to at least a few steps of growth if not all.

Plum POS, as a restaurant management system, offers scalability as an extraordinary feature so that you can scale the tendency of your business and later take decisions about growth and expansion.

Expand and Grow
You can start small, from a home delivery or a café to a diner to a full-fledged restaurant and then to a chain of restaurants. There is no limit to how you can grow your restaurant from a single to a multi-chain outlet. Your business POS, if stays within limits, will impact the growth of your business as well.

Plum POS is a restaurant management system that is designed to encourage growth of a restaurant business. The smooth and efficient operations automatically embark you on a path that is headed ahead. As you make small progress with your business, the software supports you and allows simple and easy modifications. For example, if you start with a dine-in café and it works well, so you choose to take your restaurant ordering system online, then you don’t have to worry about external software installation or new changes. Plum already comes with an online ordering system so it will take care of the next step as well.

Manage multiple outlets on a single platform
As you expand your restaurant to other areas you will have more than one outlet to manage. There will be similar kinds of operations at all the outlets but there could be a huge difference in terms of venue, menu, staff, setup, inventory and sales. This management may get complicated if you have separate point sale software and hardware for both.

To make things easy, Plum allows easy integration of its software in all your restaurant chains. All the customer and backend operations can be managed by one single platform and can be organized as per your desire. The sales tracker pulls out individual sales records and maintains all the data individually. The reports can be accessed for all of them together or even separately.

Open Integration

Manage your entire business with Plum Integration.
Experience seamless integration of various apps, devices and software.

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 The best apps work together

Easy third-party integrations allow you to operate your business seamlessly.
Experience simple and smooth integration of necessary software, apps and devices with Plum POS.
Your POS system can become much more efficient when some additional, more useful, software are integrated with it. The integrations help streamline the connection between the POS system and the restaurant operations platforms. Plum POS offers a variety of integrations to be easily installed with your point sale system which can make your restaurant operations not just quicker but also cost effective because no additional costs will be required to configure the integrations.

As a restaurant business owner you might need to look at reports of sales, finances and operations very often. Integrations help produce detailed and precise reports to help you take calculative business decisions.
Daily Sales reports track the everyday transactions made at the restaurant. If you happen to own several branches then the reports of all the locations can be viewed together. The report helps you map the sales across the restaurants and study the growth on a daily basis.

Profit and Loss statements are vital in taking finance related decisions for the restaurant chains. An integrated point sale system like the Plum POS allows the business owners to automate the financial reports for your business. This way you can make data-driven and wise decisions for expansion and growth.

Staff Data Reports are simply used to track what your employees are contributing to your business. It records their working hours, average sales and upselling with the customers.

Recipe Costing is a feature which is very crucial for restaurants. The data of raw material purchase, usage, wastage etc help restaurant owners to maximize efficiency in the long run. Inputting this data manually can be tiresome and time consuming, which is why integrating it with the inventory management system proves to be more beneficial.
Some of the integrations will Plum POS are listed below -

 First Data

First Data aspires to move money and information in a way that moves the world. As a global leader in payments and financial technology, the company helps clients achieve best-in-class results through a commitment to innovation and excellence in areas including account processing and digital banking solutions; card issuer processing and network services; payments; e-commerce; merchant acquiring and processing; and the PLUM cloud-based point-of-sale solution. Fiserv is a member of the S&P 500® Index and the FORTUNE®500, and is among the FORTUNE Magazine World’s Most Admired Companies®.

Plum + First Data

  • Simple, safe and rewarding payments
  • Convenience that builds loyalty
  • Enables Rapid Speed of Change
  • Delivering superior customer service


TSYS is a leading global provider of seamless, secure and innovative solutions to payment card issuers — financial institutions and retail companies — in approximately 80 countries worldwide. With nearly 200 clients, and more than 638 million traditional accounts on file, TSYS succeeds by putting people and their needs at the heart of every decision to help them unlock payment possibilities.

Plum + TSYS

  • Reduce technical complexity and compliance overhead
  • Manage and grow your card portfolios on a single platform
  • Growing your business
  • Delivering superior customer service


Pax Business Cloud offers everything your business needs to manage accounting and financials, operations, people, payroll, and payments. We have solutions for businesses of any size, complexity, and industry. Pax accounting software has become industry standard owing to the way it simplifies and facilitates a very diverse range of accounting tasks, allowing accountants and bookkeepers to work faster and more accurately. Pax software can be used for everything from the simplest jobs to managing complex financial systems. Over three million customers are managing accounting, finances, payments, operations, and people with Pax Business Cloud.

Plum + Pax

  • Real-time status, monitoring, and full management of entire estate
  • Simplifies integration, screen creation, and deployment
  • Facilitates gathering secure payment transaction elements
  • Send merchant notifications on command, real-time messaging
  • Simplify invoice management

 Zip Loyalty

Zip Loyalty is your loyalty partner that helps you grow your business with the help of suitable loyalty rewards programs. We excel in inventory management so much so that you will never need to worry about tracking orders and maintaining counts of products purchased and sold. Zip Loyalty simplifies a very diverse task of managing rewards and gift coupons, bookkeeping, invoices and payrolls saving a lot of time of your staff.

Plum + Zip Loyalty

  • Track & Manage Coupons and Promotions
  • Streamline bookkeeping
  • Eliminate double-entry
  • Simplify invoice management
  • Simplify payroll processing

You can do so much more with these software when you integrate with PLUM. Eliminate double entry, view real-time sales and labor costs, manage employee time and attendance, forecast your labor to create and enforce the perfect schedules, reduce your inventory costs with suggested ordering, and simplify your operations.
Your point of sale system doesn't need to be an island. Maximize the value of your business solutions today with the Any Connector integration.

Industry Leading Clients

Trusted by Food Industry Leaders & Small Businesses.

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One of the best parts of building a business is working with amazing people. Our industry-leading clients are not only happy with our pos solutions or services, but they have become part of the building process, making our business what it is. We want to take a moment to thank all our clients for entrusting us with their point of sale systems. Because of them, we have been able to transform businesses and their operations for the better.

Our industry-leading clients have a deep understanding of the restaurant and food industry, and they have a clear vision for their success. But they also understand that to succeed in this competitive market, they need to work hard on the little things. That is why they chose to work with us to find a quality point of sale system, pos solutions, inventory management system, and more for their restaurant.

At Plum POS, we understand that every business has its own unique set of needs. We take the time to learn about your business and your needs, and then we present pos solutions that meet them and match your budget. We collaborate with you to produce the best possible results. We work with you to test different approaches, insights, and ideas to find the optimal solution. We do not just do the work for you, and we work with you to find the best solution.

At Plum POS, we have a diverse range of restaurant and food industry clients. We have helped many small and medium-sized restaurants and large enterprises. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. Here at Plum POS, we work with clients who are just like you. They are restaurant owners who want to grow and thrive. Check out some of the inspiring journeys of our clients.

 Buon Gusto

Buon Gusto, a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant, offers California authentic Italian cuisine and deli services. Buon Gusto's chefs are ethnic Italians with over 100 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry. All the chefs are skilled in the traditional Italian dishes of the Italian provinces of Sicily, Calabria, and Lombardy. It is a great place to meet with friends, have a party, or treat yourself to a casual dinner.

Buon Gusto has the best of all Italian delicacies. It features all things Italian, from imported cheeses, meats, fresh bread, pasta, sauces, olives, olive oils, pizza, gelato, cookies, biscotti, pastries, cakes, cookies, cannoli, and so much more. They offer a wide variety of delicious and authentic food and drinks, all made with the freshest and finest ingredients, and they are open every day of the year. They also carry a range of food and beverages and groceries and catering and delivery services.

While selecting the best pos system for a restaurant is tough, Buon Gusto has significantly streamlined business operations and increased efficiency with Plum POS solutions and its inventory management system. As a result, they can manage inventory, control labor, and increase customer satisfaction to drive sales and profitability.

 Fresh Griller

Fresh Griller is a fast-casual eatery or a quick-serve restaurant offering fresh and healthy alternatives for all its customers. What draws customers to this place is the natural fresh quality ingredients used to prepare the food. Meal customization, excellent packaging, and exceptional customer service all come together to put a smile on every customer's face.

Fast, fresh, healthy, and affordable are the unique selling points of this quick-serve restaurant. With a simple menu for customers to decide fast what they want, Fresh Griller is gaining loyal customers every day. The secret behind such a well-organized system is the PLUM point of sale system and pos solutions. We are proud to have associated with Fresh Griller and happy to have helped them in their efforts.

Plum Pos offers a wide range of hardware and point of sale software along with an inbuilt inventory management system. Plum offers everything a restaurant requires, from pos stations to take orders fast and integrated kitchen display systems to quicken the process. In addition, Plum self serve kiosks with a card reader and Plum digital signages can help customers decide what item they want and place orders with minimal contact.

 Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's is a family of barbecue restaurants, and they have been serving up their signature barbecue since 1980. They opened their first restaurant in a converted cotton gin in downtown Minneapolis, and since then, they have been spreading the love of slow-cooked, hardwood-smoked BBQ ever since. Today they have grown to over 100 locations and counting. Also, they have won plenty of awards and accolades along the way.

In 1952, Dave Anderson, a.k.a. "Famous" Dave, started a barbecue joint in a gas station in Brooklyn, Minnesota. Fifty-seven years later, the Dave family still smokes a whole lot of meat. Owners and brothers, Ron and Clint Anderson's owners and brothers still cook up the famous signature sauce, barbecue beans, and corn in a tin can. Dave's Famous Pit Barbecue is a hometown favorite.

Famous Dave's is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in BBQ. Their hickory-smoked BBQ ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, burgers, fries, salads, and sandwiches are all-time favorite items. We at Plum POS are proud to have helped a company that has become a staple in the BBQ food industry.

Enterprise-grade Plum POS solutions can help manage large restaurant chains with stores at multiple locations. It simplifies the inventory management system with its inbuilt software. Sturdy, durable hardware and feature-rich point of sale software from Plum Pos has helped industry-leading clients manage employees, inventory, catering, reservations, customer service, food quality, cleanliness, pricing, accounting, taxes, and maintain profitability.


Mooyah is a full-service restaurant and lounge. It is a modern, dynamic restaurant offering gourmet burgers, salads, sides, and shakes. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, this restaurant chain has over 100 locations in 20 US states and nine countries in North America and the Middle East.

Mooyah is an award-winning burger franchise with a wide variety of fast food items. With quick service, digital ordering, curbside pickup, and exceptional customer service, Mooyah has claimed its well-deserved place, USA Today's Top 50 Franchises for Military Veterans, in June of 2013. It is on its way to introducing drive-thru facilities to offer customers the convenience of ordering from their car with minimal contact.

We are happy to have associated with Mooyah and be a part of their growing process. Plum POS solutions and services are scalable and fully customizable for restaurants of any size to use easily. In addition, with an efficient inventory management system, scheduling software for employee management Plum POS allows stores at multiple locations to better coordinate and deploy their employees effectively during peak times.

 Foster's Freeze

An esteemed client of Plum POS, Foster's Freeze was created in 1954 by George Foster, an entrepreneur who saw the potential for soft-serve ice cream to be a popular dessert in the South. During the years of segregation, when restaurants were divided by race, and Foster's Freeze was one of the few places where black and white people could interact socially. Although the company has grown to include over 100 locations, the first Foster's Freeze is still running strong.

The chain's name comes from the slogan of the American soft drink company, Foster's, which was "Foster's Freeze and Thirst Quencher." In the early 1950s, Foster's company, then a subsidiary of the National Dairy Company, opened its first ice cream manufacturing plant in Oklahoma City. Foster's Freeze is a place for great burgers, fries, shakes, and more. The burgers are juicy, and the fries are crispy. And the shakes are hand-dipped. The menu is full of delicious, classic diner food.

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