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  • Simplify Your Operations
  • Optimize Speed of Service
  • Increase Sales and Reduce Labor Costs
  • Cloud Based Point-of-Sale
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Plum POS Software Pricing

  • All Business Data Stored on One Database
  • Pre-built Menus and Optimized Table Layouts
  • In-depth Sales Reporting
  • Employee Performance Reporting
  • Order Summary Reporting
  • Create Coupons and Discount Codes
  • Set Up Promotions for Set Periods of Time


We Do All The Hard Work For You!

Plum POS Reporting

Analytical cloud reporting and restaurant floor reports provide you with the KPI information to help your business make better decisions.


Plum POS is the most durable, reliable and cosmetically pleasing point of sale hardware which will withstand all environments and circumstances. Plum point of sale pre-configured bundles come complete with a cash drawer, PAX credit card EMV, and a receipt printer. We also offer the option to build your own system from scratch.

Software Fees

Our affordable software fee of $29/month includes all of our amazing Plum POS features. Application set up allows you to customize your Plum POS system to meet all of the requirements of your specific operation. Plum POS is designed to deploy in every different of restaurant concept.

Onboarding Process

Our customer success team is dedicated to helping your business implement the new software to custom-fit your organizational needs. Depending on the size of your business, implementation can take only a few hours once you sign up for your Plum POS account and receive your Plum POS hardware!

"Switching to Plum POS was the best decision we ever made. The staff can now focus on providing the best customer experience and our sales have increased!"

- Jennifer Davis, GM, Mooyah -