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Monitor and manage from a single platform.

For Every Restaurant

Easy to integrate with current processes, Plum Clock enables restaurant owners to stay organized, track employee time, create schedules and automate other tasks.

Where time and speed are of the essence, Plum Clock helps fast-food services increase efficiency by registering employee time with impeccable accuracy and minimal effort.

Plum Clock enables you to focus on the essential tasks while keeping a detailed record of the employee time and attendance.

Implement a smooth process for employee attendance and schedule shifts effortlessly with Plum Clock. Keep an accurate record of employee time and prevent errors.

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Simply Reliable

Ultrasonic Face Recognition

Upgrade your restaurant with the face recognition technology of Plum Clock for hassle-free time and attendance management. Scan employee faces in a few seconds, saving time and increasing productivity.

Super-touch response

Experience the premium super-smooth responsive touch of Plum Clock. Manage and monitor your employee attendance and shifts easily from the easy-to-use user interface.

Easy and Fast Clock-In and Clock-Out

Save time and increase productivity with Plum Clock. Hassle-free employee clock in and clock out in a few seconds with a detailed activity log to monitor anytime you want

Wall Mount or Desk Top

Plum Clock comes with a flexible stand mount that can be rotated and adjusted. The Plum Clock can also be mounted on the wall for a more simple appearance.

Plum Clock

The Plum Time Clock is designed to keep your organization compliant with labor laws and simplify time and attendance management. With the facial recognition feature, you never have to worry about buddy punching driving up your labor costs!


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