Reduce wait times and fulfill your fast casual demands with the greatest POS you’ve ever seen.

Set your restaurant up for success with Plum’s cohesive ordering system and reliable loyalty program. Explore Features →

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Plum Kiosk

Increase your guests’ experience with an intuitive way to accurately design their orders.

  • Ensure order accuracy with a customer-facing verification screen
  • View menu item details for food allergies
  • Boost sales with a guided ordering process for guests
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Table Customization

Managing multiple tables can be especially overwhelming during rush hours but Plum alleviates the stress with custom table flexibility.

  • Assign courses to seat numbers to accommodate for dietary preferences and to increase customer satisfaction
  • Split and combine checks or tables
  • Easily switch off tables between servers and shifts
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Loyalty Program

Encourage guests to come again (and again!) with a loyalty program that works and promotes a growing customer database.

  • Customize a program that fits your business and your customer base
  • Collect emails and build customer profiles
  • Gather customer data to monitor consumer trends and behaviors

Customers Love Plum

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A POS system that complements your restaurant. Discover how Buon Gusto simplifies the operations process with Plum POS.

Why Use Plum?

Reasons to Love Plum

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  • Simple and intuitive design makes software easy to use and increases the speed of service

  • Easily integrate and connect with any application

  • Improve order accuracy with the seamless conversational ordering design

  • Quickly set up Plum in minutes

  • Access cloud-based reports in real-time for data driven business decisions

  • Designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and enterprise restaurants