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Enterprise Restaurants don’t have time to “figure things out” while running their operations. With Plum POS, enterprise restaurants can optimize their operations, and increase customer satisfaction without any interference.

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A POS system that complements your restaurant. Discover how Buon Gusto simplifies the operations process with Plum POS.

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Confidently run your enterprise restaurant with Plum POS.

Whether you require a POS system, self-ordering kiosk, tableside ordering, handheld device, loyalty program, or online ordering, Plum has got you covered. Convert your operations to an all-in-one system with one easy move and one easy management system.

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Online Ordering

Bring in more revenue by integrating online ordering and allowing guests to order from wherever they are.

  • Accommodate for guests who have busy schedules and are on the go
  • Customize the ordering process and guide customers with prompted offers
  • Give guests another way to order and pay while skipping the line
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Table Customization

Managing multiple tables can be especially overwhelming during rush hours but Plum alleviates the stress with custom table flexibility.

  • Assign courses to seat numbers to accommodate for dietary preferences and to increase customer satisfaction
  • Split and combine checks or tables
  • Easily switch off tables between servers and shifts

Why Use Plum?

Reasons to Love Plum

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  • Simple and intuitive design makes software easy to use and increases the speed of service

  • Easily integrate and connect with any application

  • Improve order accuracy with the seamless conversational ordering design

  • Quickly set up Plum in minutes

  • Access cloud-based reports in real-time for data driven business decisions

  • Designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and enterprise restaurants

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