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Upsell through visuals - Digital Signage

Most of the time, a customer doesn’t realize how hungry they are until they come into the restaurant and smell the food. Another way customers realize their hunger is through sight! With Plum Digital Signage, restaurants advertise specific food items to help increase their sales. Customers being able to look at the food visually they may consume can urge them to order more than they need. Whether you want one, two or three digital signage screens, you can easily customize it to fit your restaurant's needs.

Customer’s Benefit - Tableside Ordering

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Plum POS is so easy to use that your servers will spend less screen time and more time engaging with their customers. Providing the customer with a positive interaction can boost the customers’ experience and ultimately will bring the customer back.

Increase Speed of Service

With Plum, verifying orders is no longer an issue! Plum POS has allowed it so your staff can easily confirm the order is correct and send it directly to the kitchen without having to print the ticket and physically hand it to the kitchen to prep.

Data-Driven Business Decisions

It’s hard to make critical business decisions without having the right tools. With the various types of in-depth reporting available through Plum, you can now make smarter and accurate business decisions.