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What is Order Right?

Order Right allows the employee to see all the information on one screen when placing orders into the system. No more jumping from screen to screen just to place an order.

What makes Plum POS different than others in the market?

We are the only POS that will correctly flow items from the POS to your inventory so you can have the most accurate food cost.

How do I know what items I need for my restaurant?

You can start off with our Plum station bundle. It comes with a POS terminal, thermal printer, credit card reader and a cash drawer. We recommend 2 at a minimum if you are starting off. If you need additional assistance please reach out to our sales team to get the right bundle for your establishment.

Is Plum right for my X business?

Plum is the answer for nearly all hospitality industries. From full service restaurants to coffee shops to pizzerias, Plum is designed to handle customized orders and close transactions with lightning speed.

Do you offer other products besides POS?

Yes! Plum has a whole ecosystem designed to work flawlessly together to better grow sales and maximize profit for you. Click here to connect with one of our specialists to find out more.

How do I get support?

You can call our support line or for even better support service, schedule a support call. Click here.