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Priced to help you make profits while avoiding high processing fees and unnecessary costs, so you can focus on what really matters- delivering an exceptional dining experience.

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What Plum Can Do For You


Customized Menu and Interfaces

Great for toppings customization and combo deals

Online Order Capablities

Quick Response

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Customize order taking using

Plum's Order Right technology presents your employees with all the informaiton they need on one screen. As an order progresses, information is shown exactly when needed.

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Better reporting for better decision-making

With our advance reporting features, you can analyze trends, get accurate sales data, order details and more!

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Manage your menu

Menu updates made a breeze! Tweak descriptions, prices, and more hassle-free. Got multiple locations? No problem! Update all at once or make location-specific changes in a snap.

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Keep more cash in your pocket!

Integrate directly with delivery services without the need of a middleman software

Boost your profits and have third party delivery service directly from your site. It's a win-win!

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Easy opt-in loyalty program.

Keep things simple and automatically enroll all your customers in your loyalty program. Transform first time guests into loyal repeat customers!

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They talk more about us than we do.

Famous Dave's saved over $35,000 and grew sales by 35% with Plum.

What experience do you want to create for your restaurant?

Having the right tools and technology in place can make all the difference for your business.

Your Current POS Experience

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I spend more money on credit card fees!

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My system freezes up and is hard to navigate!

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I have a lot of integrations that I need to manage!

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I can't get the support I need when I need it!

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Many terminals on the market lack the ability to connect with popular platforms such as inventory management, online ordering, and loyalty programs.

The PLUM POS experience

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PLUM has one of the best credit card rates. Did we mention free financing?

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Easy to use operation, you'll be able to pick it up in less than 10 minutes.

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PLUM has a lot of features directly built in such as drive thru, loyalty, and online ordering. It also integrates to over 80% of widely used integrations on the market.

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PLUM has 24/7 support so rest assured that someone will be available to resolve any issues.

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Plum sets a new standard for lightning-fast speed, customizable features, seamless integrations, user-friendly interfaces, reliable support, and robust security.