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Digital Signage

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 Screens that Speak

Create a flexible and digitally integrated workplace. Cost-effective, customized, and simple third-party integration.

  • Display special offers and information
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Run the back of the house
  • Cost effective and dynamic

Digital signage is simply the electronic boards in restaurants used to display a menu, special offers or any other important information relevant for the customers. A signage works like an electronic advertisement board, which, if implemented effectively, can be a driving force into bringing more business and increasing revenues. The menu boards give the restaurants and other brands the power to create something strong and communicative to reach to their audience.

The goal of having a digital signage is to attract the attention of your customers, both existing as well as the new ones. For restaurant owners it is important to know that advertising their brand is as important as maintaining the quality of service they provide. Therefore, having digital restaurant display boards can be quite an essential marketing trick one needs to adopt.

Enhance customer experience
For customers to bring you some revenue, you first need to bring the customer to your restaurant. This can only be done if they find your restaurant attractive, clean and diverse enough for their choice. Once the customers spot you on the signage, their impression starts to get built and the rest is carried ahead by the kind of service your restaurant staff provides.

Digital menu boards with integrated POS systems can enhance your customer experience. You can place the digital signage at popular locations with your branding to increase brand awareness and drive sales. With a digital menu for restaurants, you can update your menu in real-time and highlight specials to guide your customers visually.

Moreover the digital signage acts as an interaction with the customer on behalf of your restaurant as they play a crucial role in decision making for them.

Dynamic and beneficial
The very essential benefit of having a digital signage is that they are extremely cost effective in terms of operations for a restaurant.A simple electronic signage can last for years with very little requirement for repair or maintenance as compared to the traditional signs which are static and non-dynamic. Another advantage of opting for a digital signage is that there is a scope for changes you can make as many modifications as you need.

Front running back of the house
With a digital signage you can bring in more customers with mouthwatering food images in your digital menu boards.

Innovative technology
Electronic signage is extremely effective when it comes to order placement in restaurants. A simple example can be that of a self-serving restaurant. You can allow your customers to place orders through touch screen devices, kiosks or tablets placed at designated stations.This also helps your staff to cater to other tasks and brings less need for hiring employees for taking orders. Customer service can then be the primary focus around which all the employees can work. Plum POS offers simple and efficient designing of digital signage for your restaurants using smart and innovative technology.

Eco friendly
We all know how the world is struggling with the problem of waste disposal and pollution. Using traditional static signs can create a huge amount of paper and ink wastage, which contributes to the pollution and environmental problems being faced everywhere.

Digital signage is the solution to a lot of waste coming from restaurants using traditional signs. These run on electricity and are controlled using a software. Even if consumption of electricity can be a concern, a digital signage does not take up a lot of electricity to run as well.In fact, it can be surprising to know that Plum POS digital signage is extremely eco-friendly and consumes very little electricity to run. Plus, the life of the signage is much longer than any other digital board.

There are also many ways of reducing the electricity consumed by electronic signage. Unlike businesses or restaurants that keep them on even during non-working hours, you could actually keep them functioning only during your hours of operation. This also increases the life of the signage to up to more than 10 years. This is a huge benefit as compared to the static printed signs which turn to be much more costly.

As the technology keeps evolving and updating, the new-age displays are quite energy-efficient. Interestingly the buyers have also become conscious of this fact, therefore Plum caters to the fact that the signage designed and developed at Plum is energy-efficient. Other simple tricks like controlling brightness during the day and positioning the signage in areas with good airflow, can also save power costs.

Tips for the use of digital signage
  • Visibility
  • Brand building
  • Target audience
  • Timing
  • Promotions

The point of sale displays are of many types, still a digital signage invites the maximum attention of a customer. As a restaurant owner, one should make sure that the boards consist of a lot of colors, are not static and have catchy pictures or animations. Your customers will be forced to pay attention to the signage instead of just walking past it.

Brand building
Building a brand identity, especially if you are an upcoming or a new restaurant in the area, is very essential and digital signage can be the right and interesting way to approach it. On an electronic signage board, you can promote and advertise what you are all about. You have no one to compete with so there is freedom for creativity.

Target audience
You should understand your target audience when you display anything on the digital signage. For example, if you run a café which can be an interesting hangout place for the teenagers then better to promote it near a university.

The right timing of displaying information also makes a huge impact. You could run the information of live music programs or mention your Christmas specials but all at the right time, when your customers would be looking for such information.

The simple concept behind a digital signage is to have the ability to display your products or menu items in an impactful manner. You could use the signage as a platform to promote your special deals, the USPs of your restaurant and whether you are expanding to a new area soon. The signage can also be used to display feedback and comments from the customers who wrote well about your food or service.

Display Menu in Real-Time.

Bring in more customers with mouthwatering food images in your digital menu boards.

Digital Signage

Digital menu boards with integrated pos systems can enhance your customer experience. You can place the digital signage at popular locations with your branding to increase brand awareness and drive sales. With a digital menu for restaurants, you can update your menu in real-time and highlight specials to guide your customers visually.
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 Display Menu in Real-Time.

Run your hot deals and daily specials on the signage.

  • Easier to scan for customers
  • Make operations simplified
  • Save on printing costs
  • Error free and easy to update
  • Higher customer engagement

Digital menu boardsbr>Digital menu boards can be the identity of a restaurant so make sure to create the best first experience for your customer through what you display.

As the name suggests, the menu boards are used for the electronic display of the menu available at the restaurant. It is usually run by connecting the signage to a computer and operating using a software. Plum POS offers digital signage as part of the hardware with Plum POS system. If you need one for your restaurant, we will design it for you as per your need.

Update your menu anytime, anywhere
Traditional menus are so out of trend now. They are static, do not allow changes or modifications in the information and give you less freedom of creativity. Plus the amount of waste they create can be tremendously limitless.

A digital menu board allows you to take ownership of what goes on the board time to time. You can be as creative as you want and can cater to different marketing campaigns as per the need of the hour. The menu allows you to update promotions, menu items, and specials instantaneously without wasting time.

Another important factor for digital menu boards is that they can be edited for all the restaurant outlet that you own, individually or together, from any location. Plum POS system allows the administrators to make changes to their signage at their convenience.

No more wasting money on updating menu boards or upset clients receiving outdated information from your menus.

Optimized menu templates
Feeling uninspired? Plum POS has got you covered with an array of optimized, tested menu templates to choose from. We create the template that converts to sales for you. Customize the template to your liking and get back to the work you’re really passionate about.

We also offer the restaurant owners the freedom to create new templates and save them in their system for future use. For example, if you have a special menu for Christmas or Easter, you could save the design, font, template and menu items in your system and access them for use in the coming years with simple edits.

Simplified restaurant operations
Having a digital restaurant menu board is very helpful in simplifying the operations at your restaurant. Your customers can directly look at the large display menu with items and pricing listed along with attractive images. They can make their decision for order on the basis of choice and pricing without the staff having to explain which food items are served and what they go along with. The billing and payment is also simplified in this manner.

Higher customer engagement
Now-a-days, quick service is what everyone needs. The customers want good quality food and extraordinary service at a faster pace, and the restaurant owners need quick table turning and faster revenue rates. Using a digital menu for restaurants can help fulfil both purposes in a simple manner. Bright screens with readable fonts and multiple display screens right at the entrance of the restaurant can be extremely eye-catching and can work towards building the interest of the customers. Such a menu board can lure the customers to visit and check out what they want to order. The digital menu boards can also act as a source of entertainment for your customers. While they look at the menu and decide what they want to order, the waiting time won’t seem to be a pain. The fact that the signage is huge and contains a lot of menu items on display plays a role of distraction from waiting time itself.

Another benefit that a digital restaurant menu board can have is that it helps the restaurant upsell a lot of its products. For example, if a customer is at your restaurant to order a meal, he or she may be lured towards other options after taking a look at them. They may prefer add-ons or beverages as well, leading to upselling of items at the counter.

Appetize the Eyes.

Attract customers and spread brand awareness with delicious food images at any place with Plum Digital Signage.

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 Appetize the Eyes.

Attract customers and spread brand awareness with delicious food images at any place with Plum Digital Signage.

  • Attract the customers’ attention
  • Smarter and faster way of operation
  • Flexible marketing
  • Upsell your products

Catch the attention
The digital signage boards catch the customers’ attention instantly and can influence them into making purchases that can bring higher revenue to the restaurant. Even though the staff or employees at the counter do not play any role in convincing the customers to influence their purchase decisions, the digital menu board creates an intimate interaction and helps in attracting the customers towards interesting food items.

The restaurants could pay attention towards the specials, combo deals and promotional offers in order to hike their overall sales. At the same time, it is also important that the boards are not crowded with a lot of activity or written information to prevent the customers from getting bored or losing interest.

Smarter and Faster
Appealing to the eyes of the customer can cause your restaurant operations to be smart and speedy. The menu board can be setup according to the time of the day, eliminating the need of updating it or changing it according to the breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Plum POS’ digital menu boards for restaurants help in fast ordering and delivery service as the large display menu enable customers to make quick decisions. The information on the boards is transparent and clear in terms of the food items, pricing and availability, therefore, there is no scope of multiple edits in an order.

Freedom and flexibility for your marketing
Time is money - being able to promptly post your promotions means you can capture your audience in a timely manner. You can choose to run a promotion in one of your restaurant outlets or many depending on the target audience. Plum Digital Signage gives you the flexibility to tailor your marketing and experiment with it from time to time.

The signage is not just limited to the menu boards but also include kiosks, digital racks, LED panels, video walls and so on. These boards can be displayed inside the restaurants or at other probable locations where the customers can access the restaurant. If your restaurant has a number of outlets then you could also cross promote the promotions in other branches to let the customers know where all your business is present and which offers are running in each outlet.

Digital menu boards have the ability to up-sell to customers, boosting overall sales. Upselling is when a seller influences a customer to buy more expensive items or add-ons to make a more profitable sale. Instead of an employee suggesting any up-sells, the menu board can suggest up-sells, and the customer may subconsciously up-sell themselves without any feeling of pressure from an employee.

Eye-Catching Visuals.

Customize your content and display your specials to bring in customers with Plum Digital Signage.

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 Eye-Catching Visuals.

Customize your content and display your specials to bring in customers with Plum digital signage

  • Attractive visuals like graphics and videos
  • Interaction with customers
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Customized signage solutions

Attractive visuals
The digital signage in your restaurant will be the first thing your customers look at. Make it as creative and colorful as possible using visuals like pictures, videos and graphics. There could be a combination of all three with information loaded in various forms. For example, if you run a restaurant offering different kinds of cuisines, you could use pictures of food, videos of customers eating them and graphics could be used to display the ingredients in the items. This variety keeps the customers engaged with your signage.

The digital signage menu board is like a means of interacting one-on-one with your customers. Depending on how this interaction goes, the customers will place the order and decide your revenue and sales reports. Designing, menu planning and organizing the menu board in a manner that your specials and items you want to sell the most are well highlighted.

Enhanced viewing experience
The screen which the customers look at, to check the menu or any other information, should bring the best viewing experience to your customers. Research shows that including videos to the signage boards can dominate the viewing experience and thus influence the decision making for customers.

Most restaurants and websites have started using videos for the display of food items to give the customers a more interactive experience of the items they see on the digital menu boards.

Tailored signage solutions
Are you still not able to find what you are looking for? Digital signage majorly points towards digital menu for restaurants, but it is not limited to just that. There could be different kinds of kiosks and LED panels that can be used for signage purpose. We understand that your needs could be different from what we offer.

Plum POS deals in tailored and customized signage solutions as per your requirements. Our technology experts excel in planning and executing the signage of your choice as per your preference and occasion. So, no more compromising your use with the already available patterns and menu boards!

Open Integration

Manage your entire business with Plum Integration.
Experience seamless integration of various apps, devices and software.

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 The best apps work together

Easy third-party integrations allow you to operate your business seamlessly.
Experience simple and smooth integration of necessary software, apps and devices with Plum POS.
Your POS system can become much more efficient when some additional, more useful, software are integrated with it. The integrations help streamline the connection between the POS system and the restaurant operations platforms. Plum POS offers a variety of integrations to be easily installed with your point sale system which can make your restaurant operations not just quicker but also cost effective because no additional costs will be required to configure the integrations.

As a restaurant business owner you might need to look at reports of sales, finances and operations very often. Integrations help produce detailed and precise reports to help you take calculative business decisions.
Daily Sales reports track the everyday transactions made at the restaurant. If you happen to own several branches then the reports of all the locations can be viewed together. The report helps you map the sales across the restaurants and study the growth on a daily basis.

Profit and Loss statements are vital in taking finance related decisions for the restaurant chains. An integrated point sale system like the Plum POS allows the business owners to automate the financial reports for your business. This way you can make data-driven and wise decisions for expansion and growth.

Staff Data Reports are simply used to track what your employees are contributing to your business. It records their working hours, average sales and upselling with the customers.

Recipe Costing is a feature which is very crucial for restaurants. The data of raw material purchase, usage, wastage etc help restaurant owners to maximize efficiency in the long run. Inputting this data manually can be tiresome and time consuming, which is why integrating it with the inventory management system proves to be more beneficial.
Some of the integrations will Plum POS are listed below -

 First Data

First Data aspires to move money and information in a way that moves the world. As a global leader in payments and financial technology, the company helps clients achieve best-in-class results through a commitment to innovation and excellence in areas including account processing and digital banking solutions; card issuer processing and network services; payments; e-commerce; merchant acquiring and processing; and the PLUM cloud-based point-of-sale solution. Fiserv is a member of the S&P 500® Index and the FORTUNE®500, and is among the FORTUNE Magazine World’s Most Admired Companies®.

Plum + First Data

  • Simple, safe and rewarding payments
  • Convenience that builds loyalty
  • Enables Rapid Speed of Change
  • Delivering superior customer service


TSYS is a leading global provider of seamless, secure and innovative solutions to payment card issuers — financial institutions and retail companies — in approximately 80 countries worldwide. With nearly 200 clients, and more than 638 million traditional accounts on file, TSYS succeeds by putting people and their needs at the heart of every decision to help them unlock payment possibilities.

Plum + TSYS

  • Reduce technical complexity and compliance overhead
  • Manage and grow your card portfolios on a single platform
  • Growing your business
  • Delivering superior customer service


Pax Business Cloud offers everything your business needs to manage accounting and financials, operations, people, payroll, and payments. We have solutions for businesses of any size, complexity, and industry. Pax accounting software has become industry standard owing to the way it simplifies and facilitates a very diverse range of accounting tasks, allowing accountants and bookkeepers to work faster and more accurately. Pax software can be used for everything from the simplest jobs to managing complex financial systems. Over three million customers are managing accounting, finances, payments, operations, and people with Pax Business Cloud.

Plum + Pax

  • Real-time status, monitoring, and full management of entire estate
  • Simplifies integration, screen creation, and deployment
  • Facilitates gathering secure payment transaction elements
  • Send merchant notifications on command, real-time messaging
  • Simplify invoice management

 Zip Loyalty

Zip Loyalty is your loyalty partner that helps you grow your business with the help of suitable loyalty rewards programs. We excel in inventory management so much so that you will never need to worry about tracking orders and maintaining counts of products purchased and sold. Zip Loyalty simplifies a very diverse task of managing rewards and gift coupons, bookkeeping, invoices and payrolls saving a lot of time of your staff.

Plum + Zip Loyalty

  • Track & Manage Coupons and Promotions
  • Streamline bookkeeping
  • Eliminate double-entry
  • Simplify invoice management
  • Simplify payroll processing

You can do so much more with these software when you integrate with PLUM. Eliminate double entry, view real-time sales and labor costs, manage employee time and attendance, forecast your labor to create and enforce the perfect schedules, reduce your inventory costs with suggested ordering, and simplify your operations.
Your point of sale system doesn't need to be an island. Maximize the value of your business solutions today with the Any Connector integration.

Industry Leading Clients

Trusted by Food Industry Leaders & Small Businesses.

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One of the best parts of building a business is working with amazing people. Our industry-leading clients are not only happy with our pos solutions or services, but they have become part of the building process, making our business what it is. We want to take a moment to thank all our clients for entrusting us with their point of sale systems. Because of them, we have been able to transform businesses and their operations for the better.

Our industry-leading clients have a deep understanding of the restaurant and food industry, and they have a clear vision for their success. But they also understand that to succeed in this competitive market, they need to work hard on the little things. That is why they chose to work with us to find a quality point of sale system, pos solutions, inventory management system, and more for their restaurant.

At Plum POS, we understand that every business has its own unique set of needs. We take the time to learn about your business and your needs, and then we present pos solutions that meet them and match your budget. We collaborate with you to produce the best possible results. We work with you to test different approaches, insights, and ideas to find the optimal solution. We do not just do the work for you, and we work with you to find the best solution.

At Plum POS, we have a diverse range of restaurant and food industry clients. We have helped many small and medium-sized restaurants and large enterprises. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. Here at Plum POS, we work with clients who are just like you. They are restaurant owners who want to grow and thrive. Check out some of the inspiring journeys of our clients.

 Buon Gusto

Buon Gusto, a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant, offers California authentic Italian cuisine and deli services. Buon Gusto's chefs are ethnic Italians with over 100 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry. All the chefs are skilled in the traditional Italian dishes of the Italian provinces of Sicily, Calabria, and Lombardy. It is a great place to meet with friends, have a party, or treat yourself to a casual dinner.

Buon Gusto has the best of all Italian delicacies. It features all things Italian, from imported cheeses, meats, fresh bread, pasta, sauces, olives, olive oils, pizza, gelato, cookies, biscotti, pastries, cakes, cookies, cannoli, and so much more. They offer a wide variety of delicious and authentic food and drinks, all made with the freshest and finest ingredients, and they are open every day of the year. They also carry a range of food and beverages and groceries and catering and delivery services.

While selecting the best pos system for a restaurant is tough, Buon Gusto has significantly streamlined business operations and increased efficiency with Plum POS solutions and its inventory management system. As a result, they can manage inventory, control labor, and increase customer satisfaction to drive sales and profitability.

 Fresh Griller

Fresh Griller is a fast-casual eatery or a quick-serve restaurant offering fresh and healthy alternatives for all its customers. What draws customers to this place is the natural fresh quality ingredients used to prepare the food. Meal customization, excellent packaging, and exceptional customer service all come together to put a smile on every customer's face.

Fast, fresh, healthy, and affordable are the unique selling points of this quick-serve restaurant. With a simple menu for customers to decide fast what they want, Fresh Griller is gaining loyal customers every day. The secret behind such a well-organized system is the PLUM point of sale system and pos solutions. We are proud to have associated with Fresh Griller and happy to have helped them in their efforts.

Plum Pos offers a wide range of hardware and point of sale software along with an inbuilt inventory management system. Plum offers everything a restaurant requires, from pos stations to take orders fast and integrated kitchen display systems to quicken the process. In addition, Plum self serve kiosks with a card reader and Plum digital signages can help customers decide what item they want and place orders with minimal contact.

 Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's is a family of barbecue restaurants, and they have been serving up their signature barbecue since 1980. They opened their first restaurant in a converted cotton gin in downtown Minneapolis, and since then, they have been spreading the love of slow-cooked, hardwood-smoked BBQ ever since. Today they have grown to over 100 locations and counting. Also, they have won plenty of awards and accolades along the way.

In 1952, Dave Anderson, a.k.a. "Famous" Dave, started a barbecue joint in a gas station in Brooklyn, Minnesota. Fifty-seven years later, the Dave family still smokes a whole lot of meat. Owners and brothers, Ron and Clint Anderson's owners and brothers still cook up the famous signature sauce, barbecue beans, and corn in a tin can. Dave's Famous Pit Barbecue is a hometown favorite.

Famous Dave's is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in BBQ. Their hickory-smoked BBQ ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, burgers, fries, salads, and sandwiches are all-time favorite items. We at Plum POS are proud to have helped a company that has become a staple in the BBQ food industry.

Enterprise-grade Plum POS solutions can help manage large restaurant chains with stores at multiple locations. It simplifies the inventory management system with its inbuilt software. Sturdy, durable hardware and feature-rich point of sale software from Plum Pos has helped industry-leading clients manage employees, inventory, catering, reservations, customer service, food quality, cleanliness, pricing, accounting, taxes, and maintain profitability.


Mooyah is a full-service restaurant and lounge. It is a modern, dynamic restaurant offering gourmet burgers, salads, sides, and shakes. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, this restaurant chain has over 100 locations in 20 US states and nine countries in North America and the Middle East.

Mooyah is an award-winning burger franchise with a wide variety of fast food items. With quick service, digital ordering, curbside pickup, and exceptional customer service, Mooyah has claimed its well-deserved place, USA Today's Top 50 Franchises for Military Veterans, in June of 2013. It is on its way to introducing drive-thru facilities to offer customers the convenience of ordering from their car with minimal contact.

We are happy to have associated with Mooyah and be a part of their growing process. Plum POS solutions and services are scalable and fully customizable for restaurants of any size to use easily. In addition, with an efficient inventory management system, scheduling software for employee management Plum POS allows stores at multiple locations to better coordinate and deploy their employees effectively during peak times.

 Foster's Freeze

An esteemed client of Plum POS, Foster's Freeze was created in 1954 by George Foster, an entrepreneur who saw the potential for soft-serve ice cream to be a popular dessert in the South. During the years of segregation, when restaurants were divided by race, and Foster's Freeze was one of the few places where black and white people could interact socially. Although the company has grown to include over 100 locations, the first Foster's Freeze is still running strong.

The chain's name comes from the slogan of the American soft drink company, Foster's, which was "Foster's Freeze and Thirst Quencher." In the early 1950s, Foster's company, then a subsidiary of the National Dairy Company, opened its first ice cream manufacturing plant in Oklahoma City. Foster's Freeze is a place for great burgers, fries, shakes, and more. The burgers are juicy, and the fries are crispy. And the shakes are hand-dipped. The menu is full of delicious, classic diner food.

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